Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tea Time

I can't believe we're this close.

Only 38 days until Ashley and Daniel tie the knot!  Up to this point it's just been a lot of talk, but last Saturday, things really began to kick into gear.  We celebrated with a beautiful bridal shower tea and I could start to feel the excitement.

Here I am with the bride-to-be and her sweet sister Rachel who worked so hard to help make this day special.

The day was a bit chilly and overcast (by Orange County standards anyway) but it was a perfect day for an outdoor tea.  The event was held in my sister Kathy's backyard.  What a beautiful spot for friends and family to gather!

Since this was a tea and we are ladies, after all, we just nibbled lightly on a few little treats.  Those Frenn girls discovered Devonshire cream and we fought over every last drop!

This was our dainty menu for the afternoon
  • ice tea
  • a variety of hot teas
  • cinnamon scones
  • blueberry scones
  • chocolate chip scones
  • raisin scones
  • Devonshire cream (to smother the scones)
(no, we're not done yet)
  • lemon mini tarts with berries
  • chocolate mini tarts with whipped cream
  • cucumber dill sandwiches
  • aram sandwiches
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  • egg salad sandwiches

(we're almost finished!)
  • fresh veggies and dip (for the health conscious)
  • fresh fruit
  • cream puffs
  • strawberry shortcake
  • chocolate dipped strawberries

    All of this food was made by this small team of ladies - Grandma, Aunt Kathy, Natalie (maid of honor) and Rachel (bridesmaid).  They worked tirelessly baking scones and tarts, washing and cutting fruits and veggies, polishing china cups and making everything look lovely for the occasion!
      All of this for me!

      After stuffing ourselves with all of the delicious food, we rolled ourselves over to watch Ashley open gifts.

      There was gift after gift of beautiful and practical items for the home that she will share with Daniel.  (Note to self - buy stock in Crate & Barrel and Target!)

      Younger brother Sam sent a gift to the shower but I think he was confused as to what type of shower this was.  Is that what you call a 'subtle hint'?  There were also a few little (ahem) personal items thrown in for good measure. 

      Overall, the day was a great success.  Ashley had a smile from ear to ear.

      Ashley's cousin (and my sweet niece) Veronica just announced her engagement so it appears as though we will be in 'wedding mode' for some time yet.  Congratulations Veronica and Sam!

      Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate and showered Ashley and Daniel with love, gifts and good wishes.

      38 days and counting!


      1. I still feel so spoiled! Thanks everyone.

      2. Congratulations Ashley!