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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Daniel and Lauren Ashley Wedding Photos - Part 2

Okay, I promise...after this post I will not talk about Daniel and Ashley's wedding again...ever...well, at least for a little while.

Last week, I shared pictures of the Cambodian ceremony that we celebrated.  This week, I want to share with you the pictures from the 'Big Day'.  And what a day it was.  A beautiful celebration from beginning to end.

I never imagined that having your child get married would be so emotional, wonderful, joyous and just plain fun!

So, here's a peek at the day.

Getting ready, the bride and groom were all smiles.



Dad, do not make me cry!

Walking our girl down the long, leafy aisle - it felt like a dream.

Finally, Mr and Mrs Or

The most beautiful bride ever!

 Our new family portrait

 Grandma and Poppa Vaters...look what you started!

Incredible to have so many of the Rutledge clan come from Canada to share our joy!

 After the food...

and the cake (lots of cake)...

 They danced.

 We danced.


I mean everybody, danced. 


...happily ever after.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daniel and Lauren Ashley Wedding Photos - Part 1

Mrs. Ashley Or - it's still a bit strange to hear my daughter referred to that way. 

She is now a married woman, starting out a new life with her best friend, Daniel.  It is true, what they say.  We didn't lose a daughter - we gained a son. 

The wedding celebrations were beautiful, exciting, emotional and, did I mention, beautiful?

We received the official photographs from Hugh Forte, their incredible photographer, and I wanted to share, with you,  a glimpse at all the festivities. 

This first group of pictures are from the Cambodian ceremony, honoring Daniel's family and culture.

Endless hours were spent dressing and primping for each one of the three portions of the ceremonies that day.

 Daniel led the procession down the street, bringing gifts for the bride and her family.

Daniel sees his beautiful bride, waiting for him at the door!

Engagement portion of the ceremony - exchanging of the rings

The bridal party - John (Daniel's brother), Andrew (Daniel's best man), Daniel (groom), Ashley (bride), Hosanna (Daniel's sister), Natalie (Ashley's matron of honor)


 Clothing change #2 - green and gold

Grooming ceremony - Daniel and Ashley are 'groomed' and blessed by family and friends.  Some of us got a bit carried away.  You know who you are!

Clothing change #3 - gold, gold and more gold! 
Daniel and Ashley receiving a blessing from their siblings.

Our new and improved family.

The Or family.

What a beautiful day, blessed by God.

Next week - Wedding Photos - Part 2