Friday, May 11, 2012

$WIN$ Show Us Your Vintage Style Contest

I was going to wait until the Jenny and Pearl Facebook page hit 300 'likes', but we're at 297 as I'm writing this and I'm impatient plus I'm listing so many cute things that I'm dying for you to see (a few of which are in my previous post).  I thought I would celebrate and award some lucky winner with a $50 store credit for Jenny and Pearl.  Good towards anything in the shop.

Of course, you want to win!   So... follow these 4 easy steps.

1.  'Like' the Jenny and Pearl Facebook page - easy, peasy lemon-squeezy!

2.  Post a picture of you, or someone you love, in their vintage best on the Jenny and Pearl FB page.  In the interest of fair play, here are a few pictures of my own to get the ball rolling.

Here I am with my brother, a menacing Santa and my sister (attempting to wink at the camera).  We are making it happen in the 60's.  My mother clearly had a thing for kids in stripes and short hair!

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!  Welcome to the 70's and our mini version of the Brady's, starring mom as Carol, Karen as Marsha, Kathy as Cindy, dad as Mike and Karl as Greg.  Groovy!

Oh the 80's - bigger hair and even bigger shoulder pads!
I'm the one on the left with the poodle hair (don't be jealous!) holding my daughter Ashley.  Next to me is my sister-in-law Shelley, Veronica, Anita (my mom) and Kathy (my sister).

Get the idea?  If you haven't survived several decades like me, post a current photo of you rocking vintage style or raid your mother's photo shoe box (I know that's where they're stored) for your family's vintage best.

3.  Wander on over to the Jenny and Pearl etsy shop, pick out the one thing you would like best (or two, or three) and mention your favorite find below your picture.

4.  Spread the love.  The picture with the most 'likes' on our Facebook page wins!  Share the picture on your own FB page to get your friends to help.

I know I've made this sound complicated, but it's really this easy.
1. Like
2. Post
3. Comment
4. Share

Do you really want to win?  Then, share your post with friends and family and beg them to vote for your picture.  I know you're not above begging.

Good luck!

**Winner will be announced Monday, May 21**

*** Congratulations to our winner, Kathy!  She chose this adorable skirt as her prize.

Thanks to everyone who bravely participated and showed us their vintage best!

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