Saturday, July 24, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I'm not a collector.  I buy really cool stuff that I like and then resell it, with the thought that if I think it's wonderful, maybe somebody else will too.  That is my goal.  My husband is always telling the kids to nail their things down or "mom will sell them".  He's so not right!

You know you're a collector if you need 'just one more' cabinet for your dolls or action figures, or you sent the kids to live with Grandma, so you could turn their room into an Elvis shrine, or you leap out of bed in the morning and race to the computer to see if you are the winning bidder of that amazing mid-century lamp on ebay.  You know who you are.  Remember the Beanie Baby craze?  Never did get that.

On second thought, I do have certain things that 'catch my eye', 'float my boat' and just make me smile.  They are a little unusual, but I like quirky.  So here are a few of my favorite things.  I do not, I repeat do not collect them.

~ old sign letters - usually the letter R, but I have been know to nab the occasional S or K or L or A.
~ Chinese Checker boards -  I love the way the colors pop!  They're fun and nostalgic

~ picnic baskets - I have one or two (or five or six, who's counting?)  They are great for storing collections (not that I have any) or taking on a picnic!

 ~ marbles and buttons - The marbles are a natural extension of the Chinese Checkers and the buttons, I just don't know why

Two other things that I have collec... I mean accumulated are old keys and vintage jewelry.  This brings me to this

 and this

and this

There's more where these came from.  They are in my new etsy shop Jenny and Pearl Too where I am selling my own one of a kind jewelry creations, incorporating vintage jewelry, old keys and other quirky elements.  There are no two pieces alike and they are all handmade by me!  I would love for you to visit my shop and tell your jewelry-loving friends.  Especially if they are jewelry collectors 'cause you know how obsessed collectors can be!

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  1. I collect the same kind of picnic baskets! I love them! We really are kindred spirits, friend!! :O)